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Shallow work: the Achilles’ heel of your workday?

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Shallow work is the darnest thing in the life of a knowledge worker – “Non-cognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted. These efforts tend to not create new value in the world and are easy to replicate.” Quite possibly, it’s the Achilles’ heel of your workday. If you think about this definition by Cal Newport, how much of it is in your day, you think? You can ask yourself a simple question to find out.

5 steps for making habits stick

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The COVID-19 pandemic has a firm grip on the world when I’m typing this. Many friends of mine work in healthcare or adjacent fields and each of them has seen the impact: from highly confused people to people, only 25 years of age, being hospitalized. What’s happening to the world is gruesome. I certainly hope the measures taken by every government and individual will result in a swift retreat of the virus. It leaves me with a little more time on my hands than expected – a holiday got cancelled – so, what do you do with your time?

16 principles to live by

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With 2020 underway, I looked back at 2019 as a year in which I made a leap into what they call living with intent. The biggest improvement I made, was adding a new principle to my ever changing ‘principles to live by’-list: take good care of your body. 2019 was the year I chose pyshical health – both in food and exercise – as the one thing to get better at. The benefit I sought? To feel fit. And it worked! Added benefits: losing weight and sleeping better.

6 tips to sleep better and improve your (work)day

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Goodnight. We say this lots of times. But does it happen often enough for you, having a good night’s sleep? I struggled with it for a while, for no apparent reason or so I thought. After reading a lot about it, I think – haven’t researched it properly – my sugar intake during the day was one of the culprits. Also, I didn’t have too many (good) routines to help me sleep better. I have improved a lot since then. These are my findings, disguised as tips.