Sla over naar de inhoud


The inspiration for this blog derives from personal experience. I once found myself a bit overwhelmed by work and made the mistake of placing tasks in my head, rather than on paper. In the end, all that led to not being motivated at work. I also noticed I was putting off seemingly important stuff because I simply didn’t feel like doing it. Or did I? I wasn’t sure.

So, having read about and joyfully used the Getting Things Done method in the past, I thought I’d expand my horizon and seek out more – in order to get back into a productive state and enjoy work again. It brought me way more than that: I started reading a lot into the matter of productivity, retaining focus, developing good habits and doing what you do with intent. I found they overlap quite a bit! I thought I’d share my travels with you.


With I basically give you some insight as to how I organize every day life. My goal is to live a meaningful life. Life is a process – it never ends but it has some loops – which can be improved through all kinds of projects. On my blog I’m telling you about these ‘life’ projects. They concentrate around these topics:

  • Intentional living – develop and do the things you really want to do.
  • Focus and habits – develop a rhythm to aid your intentions.
  • Organizing home & work – create an environment in which you can stay focused and let your habits thrive. is certainly not the first blog about living with intent, or focus/habits, I know. Als not new is the topic of organizing your home and workplace. Many a book has been written about it, and many a method developed. I just try a few of them and tell you what I find and how they intertwine with my principles.

I hope you enjoy the read!



P.S. A little about me: I’m a Dutchie and a former content marketing girl, now working in IT (application management and consultancy). I like the diversity of tasks in the job, which presents itself with quite a few challenges. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, learning new things, the occasional pub quiz, riding my (motor)bike, going to concerts and having friends over for board games and such.