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Book Review – Singletasking

Time to read 3 minutes

In late 2015, Devora Zack released her book Singletasking. Being larded with tips, the book reads like a plea for doing one thing at a time, all the time. She writes it in an engaging style, which made reading it a joy. Although the book is a repitition of itself (Zack says: ‘just do it!’ over and over again), at the end of it, I felt like YES, I can do this!

Book Review – How to be a productivity Ninja

Time to read 4 minutes

In 2015 the world got to know productivity in ninja-style. Although what author Graham Alcott provides is nothing extremely new (compared to Getting Things Done), I’ve found How to be a Productivity Ninja a fun and highly practical read. It’s tone-of-voice is upbeat and enthusastic (as was in The End of Procrastinationand made me want to finish the book quickly.

Book Review – The End of Procrastination

Time to read 3 minutes

Procrastination. For a non-native English speaker hard to pronounce, yet very easy to do. Everyone does it. I did at work. A lot. It got worse. Then I picked up Petr Ludwig’s The End of ProcrastinationA rather new book (2018) on an old matter. Of course, I hoped to find some ‘tools’ to escape from procrastinating so much.